Health E Cigarette Review

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Several hot brands have not only captivated the market but also the hearts of countless vapers. So, I started to search for these brands and I came across a few most famous ones such as V2, Green Smoke, and Volcano. However, to this list, there was one brand that was not that popular in search but had great comments in the e cig forums. And this was exactly the e-health cigarettes! Believe me, I had never heard of it before. As I like to try new things, I just went ahead and brought its basic starter kit due to all positive comments in the forums. So, here is my health e cigarette review.  

 Health E Cigarette

The Look and Feel

Basically, the e cig pack of this brand looks like a paper flip-top box featuring a white/green polish. This kit gave me 6 ‘menthol’ flavored, non-nicatine throwaway cartridges, an atomizer, and an orange LED lithium ion battery. The bottom of the box is totally accentuated in green as against the white upper section. But there was something very enticing of this bottom. On the bottom, there was a small lever, which on pushing, released two wall socket prongs for plugging the complete box into the wall for a recharge. Now, this was really interesting for me, as you need not have to remove the cig every time from the pack for a recharge.

When I took out the Health e cig from the pack, its look and feel was the same as that of the traditional e cig. But technically, it was made up of electronic parts such as an atomizer, battery, and a mouth piece for smoother and healthier performance.

The Working

When I inhaled on the mouth piece, the atomizer heated the e juice in the cartridge to form satisfactory vapor that almost appeared like a real smoke. The e liquid typically contains propylene glycol as its base, and that the cartridge featured a red LED light at its tip to ensure an overall appearance of a lit cigarette.

The Smokeless Smoke and Taste

The vapor is truly pure and proficient to simulate a typical smoking experience. However, it was not that enough to trigger an apt ‘throat hit’ that an intermediate vaper would expect. Despite the use of PG, it was surprising to see that it was only a less-than-satisfactory amount of vapor to vape. However, I was fine with that because my satisfaction was somehow retained! The only thing was that my expectation was met. And yes, I had to draw a bit harder on this device to generate more vapor, which was not so easy-to-accept fact.

Talking about the taste in this Health e cigarette review, I had cool menthol flavor with my both zero nicotine and medium nicotine strength. However, this was one of the areas where my expectation was met. In my opinion, both the combinations gave me a really good taste. First, it seemed to be like a minty flavor but it improved as I vaped further. As of now, this kit is available in only two flavors namely, tobacco and menthol as well as in four nicotine strengths – 0, 6, 11, and 16mg. However, it has been heard that more flavors will be added soon.


Even though I chose a zero nicotine e liquid, I always got that small buzz and a good throat hit. Therefore, I could not find any complain in this regard, as that nicotine craving was nicely dealt. Talking about its lifespan in this Health e cigarette review, the cartridges were able to retain the same amount of puffs as one full pack of tobacco cigarettes would! In this sense, I can say that they are more reasonable than tobacco cigarettes. However, there is no wick in the cartridges just like you would see in other devices. And yes, sometimes, refilling can be a bit difficult task if you do not do so with utmost care.


This is another pro in this Health e cigarette review. The 90mAh battery was working really cool. A single charge gave me some 180 puffs after which I had to recharge my battery. The recharging task took some 1 hour 45 minutes. So, I was fine with these battery specifications. But I have heard that the market is flooding with technically advanced batteries such as variable voltage ones. So, I think that this brand should try incorporating these batteries or else they may lag behind in the competitive race. But for the time being, the battery gave me no problems at all, which is really commendable.


In short, the e Health cigarettes are good to try products although they are not that advanced or best. The cons that I stated here are really just small things that do not matter much, except for the vapor production, which is the only con to endure. But if you are crazier behind taste than vapor, then this e cig is really fine to buy.

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